Like all good things, Evolution Websites has come about through client feedback. Working with multiple businesses over the years, it has become clear that none of the build your own models offer an uncomplicated alternative to agency built sites. Likewise extending a build your own site presents enough complications that it’s often easier to do a complete rebuild. This is after a client has struggled with it for the last nine months - it's easier to have a baby!

So what are the options?

Traditionally there have been three main options for creating a website. Agency – expensive. Build your own wordpress website – complex, time consuming and easy to get wrong. Build your own non-wordpress website – all of the above, without the flexibility.

How is Evolution different?

We use the revolution that is WordPress today and create a semi bespoke site from our range of predesigned templates or blocks. Once you have decided on a design, we make it unique for you by adding you colour palette, logo, images and content, as well as any design tweaks you want to make.

We offer the best of both worlds in that we bridge the gap between the build your own market, and an agency. The upshot? You get an agency like experience without the agency price tag. We take care of the complex set up stage and then hand over to you to manage the content (or not – we can take care of that for you). 

What’s more as your business needs change we are there to adapt your site accordingly. Need a design tweak? More functionality? No problem because all the building blocks are there. 

Our prices are affordable because we are not designing from scratch in a lengthy consultation process. We also don’t have the same overheads as a traditional agency. The process is easy – choose a design or series of blocks and we will build it. You are then free to manage it yourself or you can ask us to do that too. Our service truly is flexible.

But how will you make my site look unique?

Most of the sites that exist today are built using a formula. Headers, footers, nav menus, hero area’s and sliders are generally fairly standard elements. If you choose to use a template we will be changing the images, colours, logo and fonts. You may decide to swap out some elements or reorder them, or lose them altogether. If you choose to build with blocks you are completely in control of the layout. The main difference between Evolution and the agency route is that you are not going to spend a lot of time and money in consultation fees, trying to figure out what you want from a design point of view. 

How does it work?

Headline stuff: pick a design or a series of blocks and fill in the form. We will probably ask you some questions, you give us the answers and then we get on and build it. After this you sign it off and we hand it over (or not if you hate technology and want us to manage it for you).

If you’re an information junkie read on.

Step one

Choose your design

This is the fun bit! However if you are overwhelmed by choice do get in touch for a chat and we can suggest some sites that might fit the bill.

Step one

Step two

Content and copy

Send us your images and your copy. We supply guidelines about how to do this and what we need here. We prefer Dropbox but there are multiple ways you can give us information.

If you’re stuck for images we have a great image library at very affordable prices. We all know that your own photos are the ideal but everyone has to start somewhere. 

If copy is not your thing we can write that for you too.

Step two

Step three


Don’t worry we hate contracts too so we keep this super simple. We do require 50% of the payment before we start, but final 50% is payable on completion.

Step three

Step four


This is the fun bit for us! Once we have all of your content we can start the build. We will put your site into maintenance while this is happening so no one gets a sneak preview.

Step four

Step five


We will give you the login to your new site and you can have a look around. On more complex sites we might do this early on, so that we can get feedback on individual elements as we go. 

We will ask you to view it on a desktop primarily in most cases. Then when you sign of on this stage we will make sure it looks good across a range of devices as well.

Step five

Step six

Final sign off

When you are completely happy we will take the final payment from you and do a complete handover which will include cpanel logins and FTP account details. No idea what these are? No problem you may never need them, but if you want to know check our FAQ’s.

Step six

What do I need to make a start?

The short answer is nothing. We can organise it all for you. However, if you want to do it yourself, these are the basics you will need:

A URL. This is your website address – unique to your site. It will go something like this www.yourdomain.co.uk.  If you have one great. If not we can order it for you when we build the site. You just need to check that it’s available. You can do that here.

A Web host. When you purchase one of our sites you get your first year free. You can then continue to host with us or move. Our hosting is explained here.

I thought WordPress was for blogging?

WordPress has in the past been mistakenly thought of as a blogging platform. However with WordPress powering over 32% of the worlds websites (notable examples including: Disney, Sony, Facebook, Etsy, Metro and Microsoft to name a few) that is clearly no longer the case. WordPress is a stable, well developed, well supported platform that offers the potential to extend your site in any way you like.

However setting it up is not without its challenges. That’s where we come in. 

Ready for A New site?

Pick a design, a series of blocks or simply draw some inspiration and get in touch to discuss your project.
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